Only in The Villages: Right- and left-handed golfers

Members of the right-handed team, left to right, George McGovern, Les Loecher, John McGovern and Staton Williams, putt on the first green of the Jacaranda golf course.

On July 13, a battle ensued between the righties and the lefties in The Villages.

Eight Villagers came together at the Cane Garden Country Club golf course to play nine holes where right-handed players competed against left-handed players. There were four golfers on

each team.

The right-handed group of Villagers included George McGovern, of the Village of La Belle, and Les Loecher, John McGovern, and Staton Williams, all of the Village of Fernandina. The left-handed players, all from the Village of Fernandina, included Robert Grimm, Bob Hall, Dave Howard and Ron Kieffner.

In the end, the right-handed team won the match by one point.

“The golf game was great,” Kieffner said.

A Fun Game

Kieffner came up with the idea.

The Villagers are part of the HollyVanLoopers, and its members regularly play golf together.

“(It was) just to do something different,” Kieffner said.

Kieffner does everything right-handed, but he’s a southpaw when it comes to playing golf.

Before the game, he and the other players exchanged a little trash talk in the spirit of friendly competition.

The teams played a scramble for nine holes.

Good-Natured Fun

Members of the right-handed team did give the left-handed team a good-natured hard time at the end of the game, saying things like “four lefties didn’t make a right,” Kieffner said.

“I think we played better than they did,” Kieffner said, of his left-handed team.

McGovern, who was on the right-handed team, had a good time.

“It was a lot of fun,” he said. “It’s good camaraderie with the guys, and it’s good to do the trash talk as a matter of joking around.”

Kieffner plans to have another golf match with the same group of people and a rematch to prove that lefties are superior. He hopes to set the record straight in the fall.

“Everybody had a blast,” Kieffner said. “They thought it was a great idea and they want to do it again.”

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