Constant cleaning is good for business

City Fire bartender Traci Syme cleans part of the outdoor bar as the Lake Sumter Landing restaurant prepares to open for the day. Businesses such as City Fire are buying cleaning and sanitation supplies in bulk so they can add more cleaning procedures to ensure their areas are safe for customers and guests.

Amid the pandemic, everyone is working hard to make sure their surroundings are clean. Business owners are constantly cleaning high-touch areas in their stores and restaurants to ensure the area is safe for guests, while consumers are stocking up on cleaning and disinfecting products. Because the pandemic has everyone ramping up on keeping places clean, some local cleaning services have seen new or returning customers. Some restaurants and businesses also are buying cleaning products in bulk from large companies and vendors so the establishments can constantly sanitize the area for guests.

Cleaning Services

Business at Molly Maid of Lake-Sumter, a cleaning service in Lady Lake that specializes in residential cleanings and some business cleanings, has been steady amid the pandemic.

The company has gotten more new customers than expected with the pandemic going on, said Colleen Blanton, manager  of Molly Maid.

The services are mostly for residential areas with some business cleanings. Molly Maid staff are using a higher-grade disinfectant to better clean areas.

Blanton believes that the pandemic has caused new customers to come in.

“They want their homes disinfected,” she said.

COVID-19 also has had an effect on Pristine Cleaning Services.

Pristine Cleaning Services had to stop getting new business and let go of some staff in March because of the pandemic. The company was able to bring in new business after restarting operations fully at the end of May and beginning of June.

“We definitely saw a significant shift in our business during the start of COVID and it’s starting to come back,” said Julian Green, owner of Pristine Cleaning Services.

The company lost 65% of its business, which was mostly residential services. Since reopening, the company has gotten 75% of that back, Green said.

Residential business has picked up again and commercial business has gone up 15% since reopening in May.

Green believes that COVID-19 has had an effect on the increase in business, especially commercial.

“It’s a necessity for commercial,” Green said.

Business owners need to ensure their spaces are clean for employees and guests, he said.

Local Businesses Keeping Clean

Many business owners have started more aggressive cleaning measures and bought cleaning supplies in bulk or brought in outside cleaning services to keep their establishments safe for customers.

For example, City Fire in Lake Sumter Landing and Brownwood has staff deep cleaning the restaurant every morning and night. While open, staff clean high-touch areas periodically.

Every 20 minutes the inside and outside bars are sanitized.

“Our people are really on the ball,” said Gina Buell, owner of City Fire. “Our staff is constantly sanitizing everything and they’ve been very diligent about it.”

Buell is ordering cleaning products from Sysco. The restaurant has bought from them in the past, but now are buying in bulk because of the pandemic.

Cody’s Original Roadhouse also has increased its cleaning measures at its restaurants in Brownwood and Lake Sumter Landing.

“Every single day, we start our morning with sanitizing everything,” said Dean Turner, director of operations for Cody’s Original Roadhouse.

A staff member specifically goes around the restaurant throughout the day and sanitizes everything that is used.

Cody’s has been getting its cleaning products from its distributor US Foods and has been buying them in bulk, about two to three cases per week.

MVP Athletic Club in Brownwood has been ordering hospital-grade disinfectant, wipes and other cleaning supplies from Cosgrove Enterprises Inc. Staff are using the hospital-grade disinfectant to disinfect equipment and high-touch points.

Every day from 1 to 2 p.m. the location is closed while staff deep cleans everything. An outside cleaning company also is brought in every night to do another thorough cleaning, said Beth Ehinger, director of the MVP Athletic Club in Brownwood.

“Everything has been going really well,” Ehinger said. “It’s a lot of extra work but our members are very appreciative of it.”

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