Busy run for Trump campaign in Florida

Vice President Mike Pence waves to the crowd as he walks onto the stage during his bus tour stop in Brownwood on Oct. 10.

The Sunshine State is currently election ground zero. The state has almost as many Republicans as Democrats, making Florida a purple state and putting its

29 electoral votes up for grabs. With the election nearing, Democratic nominee Joe Biden, President Donald Trump and campaign surrogates have flooded the state. Part of that flood included Biden stopping in Pembroke Pines and Miramar this week while Trump visited Sanford, Miami, Fort Myers and Ocala. Some of the recent events have been in the I-4 corridor, a voter-heavy area along Interstate 4 that runs from Tampa through Orlando and to Daytona Beach, adjacent to The Villages. Whereas South Florida usually leans Democratic and North Florida leans Republican, the I-4 corridor remains undecided, making it the most sought-after part of Florida.

1. Trump: Oct. 16, Ocala

Addressing a rally Friday in Ocala, Trump predicted a “red wave” of Republican voting, “the likes of which they’ve never seen before.” Trump noted that early voting in Florida starts Monday, and said in 18 days “we’re going to win the state of Florida. We’re going to win the White House.” Trump won Florida in 2016.

2. Trump: Oct. 16, Fort myers

During a Friday stop in Fort Myers, Trump reaffirmed his pledge to America’s seniors and protecting them during the coronavirus pandemic. “I will protect you, I will defend you, and I will fight for you with every ounce of energy and conviction that I have,” Trump said.

3. Trump: Oct. 15, Miami

Trump participated in a Thursday open-air town hall event with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie in Miami. “It’s great to be back in my home state, Florida, to make my official return to the campaign trail,” Trump said. During the town hall, Trump touted his administration’s successful handling of the coronavirus.

4. Pence:

Oct. 15 , Miami

Pence was also in Miami on Thursday when he hosted a rally for about 200 supporters, mostly Cuban Americans. Pence promised he and Trump will free Cuba from communism. He also highlighted the importance Florida has in the election: ”The road to victory runs right through Florida.”

5. Biden:

Oct. 13, Miami

Biden courted seniors in Pembroke Pines and fired up supporters at a Tuesday drive-in rally ​in Miramar that featured honking horns instead of cheers. Biden focused on protecting Social Security and Medicare in Pembroke Pines. In his Miramar rally, he focused on voting. “We win Florida, and it’s all over,” he said.​

6. Trump:

Oct. 12 , Sanford

A Make America Great Again rally Monday in Sanford was the first campaign stop Trump made in person after his battle with coronavirus. “Under my leadership, we’re delivering a safe vaccine and a rapid recovery like no one can even believe,” Trump told an enthusiastic crowd.

7. Pence: Oct. 10,

The Villages

Pence held a Make American Great Again rally in Brownwood, the biggest political event in Brownwood history. He voiced support for law enforcement, and touted America’s economic reopening, noting Florida had brought back 136,000 jobs. Pence hosted a “Latinos for Trump” event in Orlando.