Back-to-school tax holiday begins today

Custom Apparel & Gifts sells school uniforms and will have extended hours over the weekend for Florida’s Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday.

School is right around the corner, which means it’s time to shop for new school supplies. Buying supplies may cause strain on a person’s wallet, but teachers, parents and students are in luck this weekend. Florida’s Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday is today through Sunday. During the holiday, certain items for school are exempt from sales tax. Here are some things to know about the holiday:​


Tax-Exempt Items

Several items are exempt from sales tax during the holiday to help people who are buying school supplies.

Tax-exempt items include clothing, footwear, and select accessories that are $60 or less per item; certain school supplies that are $15 or less per item; and the first $1,000 of the price of a personal computer and related accessories. Computers must be for personal and not commercial use, according to the Florida Department of Revenue.

Items not included in the holiday are clothing items over $60, school supply items more than $15, computers and accessories for commercial use, rented or leased items, repairs or alterations of items and items sold at theme parks, entertainment complexes, hotels or airports.


To buy all the essentials for school, teachers, parents and students have their pick of local businesses.

Custom Apparel & Gifts is one of them.

The store in Southern Trace Plaza sells uniforms for schools such as The Villages Charter School and usually gets busy during the sales tax holiday weekend.

Calls and emails already have come in from people asking if the store will be open this weekend. While the store is usually open on Saturdays, this weekend they’re also adding Sunday hours to help thin out crowds.

“Between the clothing and the supplies, and all the incidentals getting back to school, parents love to save every little bit and every little bit counts,” said Robin Carr, who owns Custom Apparel with her husband.

Teachers and Parents

Diane Zentko already has bought uniforms for her son and daughter. She doesn’t plan to use this weekend to buy more supplies for them, but the fourth-grade teacher at The Villages Charter School may buy some items for her class.

“I want to make sure I have some things on hand in case students come in on the first day of school and don’t have all of their supplies,” Zentko said.

Richard Drass, the AP computer science teacher for The Villages High School, also has bought some extra school items for his students as backups and took advantage of the holiday when his kids were in school.

“I always thought it was good, especially in this industry,” he said. “It helps out other students and other teachers.”