Wearable devices usher in active 2021

Sheri Rowe, left, and Trish Chandler, co-vice president of The Villages Running Club, run up Gayle Mill Drive toward Odell Circle with other members of the club, wearing a watch to track their progress.

The year 2020 is over. It’s time to face your New Year’s resolutions. Many resolutions concern fitness, whether it’s a specific activity or general fitness. For years, wearable fitness devices from Fitbits to Garmin Forerunners have assisted athletes of all ages and skill levels. It’s not uncommon to see members of The Villages Triathlon and Running clubs racing by with watches tracking their heart rate and motion. “I do think it is something that can be very encouraging for folks, especially people who are just starting to get themselves to move,” said running club President Lizann Atkin.  “Just seeing in black and white that you have moved does help a lot of people get up and get going.” The Association of Retired Person’s national report, 2020 Tech Trends of the 50+, found those 50 and older who were surveyed use wearable technology at a similar rate as surveyed adults 18-49. Those in their 50s were more likely to own a device, and to use it daily.

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