Volunteers find purpose working with horses

Debra Wyland, of the Village of Lake Deaton, removes the halter from Chief to turn him loose in the pasture at the Wild Horse Rescue Center in Webster. Chief is half mustang and was surrendered from an aging owner.

When Jorge Pousa volunteered eight months ago to put his strong back to good use at the Wild Horse Rescue Center, he expected to muck stalls and occasionally tackle fence repair.

But Diane Delano, owner of the Webster-based nonprofit, knows a thing or two about matching humans with horses.

Four months ago, she matched Pousa’s warm heart with Pegasus, a beautiful but skittish horse with a lengthy history of abuse and neglect.

“It was rough, really rough,” Pousa said of the months he spent trying to bond with the horse.

Eventually, Pegasus warmed up.

In fact, the horse now allows Pousa, a resident of the Village of Country Club Hills, to saddle up and ride.

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