Villages High School yearbook staff pieces together a strange year

Anisha Paudel, a senior at The Villages High School, works on the 2020-21 school yearbook during the Digital Media Design Academy at The Villages High School.

Fitting a group of people into the frame to take a photo can be difficult enough on its own — but doing it while trying to keep them socially distanced can be nearly impossible.

The yearbook staff at The Villages High School has faced the near impossible all year as members worked harder to track down students and get their pictures or get some quotes to put on a page. They even had to scrap the previous yearbook layout and stretch their creative muscles to figure out an entirely new page format — one that could incorporate the potential to throw out entire sections, such as canceled sports, should the need present itself.

“It’s been interesting to say the least,” said Megan Licciardello, digital media teacher at the high school. “There’s a lot of scheduling changes constantly happening, and so we’ve kind of had to learn to adapt to the situation as it comes.”

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