Villages couple dance their way through marriage

Bobbie and George Edwards, of the Village of Polo Ridge, are long-time dancers who continue to dance throughout their marriage.

Big Band, Latin, Cajun, Polka, Country ... George and Bobbie Edwards love it all.

“We came here 20 years ago, to dance,” Bobbie said.

And she wasn’t kidding.

At least a couple times a week, she and George can be found on a dance floor.

They both hope the music never stops at the downtown squares, but they dance at only local recreation centers or nearby locations, Bobbie said. 

At their home in Village of Polo Ridge, Bobbie pointed out a large picture hung in the a hallway. In it, their backs are to the camera as the couple’s arms weave around each other while they dance at their daughter Kim Oberheu’s wedding.

Actually, these salsa, cha cha, foxtrot or swing dancers crossed paths the first time ever while they were both on a dance floor in Atlanta.

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