Villagers, start your putters

Janet Kipp, of the Village of St. Catherine, watches her ball roll toward the hole on the Clifton Cove Putting Course, which opened Friday near Sawgrass Grove.

At 9:02 a.m. Friday morning, Dan Kipp placed his golf ball ahead of the first hole on the Clifton Cove Putting Course.

The Village of St. Catherine resident then made a bit of local history with one ceremonial swing.

Kipp became the first person to putt off at Clifton Cove, which opened near the developing Sawgrass Grove dining and entertainment complex Friday as the community’s second putting course.

“I think people should come and try it,” Kipp said. “Don’t think of it as miniature golf — it’s not. It’s a bit of a challenge.”

Adjacent to Ezell Regional Recreation Complex, the course has 18 holes — split into two, nine-hole layouts — featuring various lengths and lies. Golfers can bring their own putter and balls, if they’d like, or they may checkout equipment from the nearby Ezell center.

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