Villager uses background to teach and inspire

Gentlemen Rhythm & Blues Steppers instructor Ronald Booker, right, of the Village of Winifred, leads dancers through part of a line-dancing routine in the Saddlebrook Softball Complex parking lot. He has been teaching the class for 11 years.

If you like to dance, chances are you know Ronald Booker, of the Village of Winifred.  He’s been teaching the Gentlemen Rhythm & Blues Steppers class at Chula Vista Recreation Center for 11 years, he’s a regular golfer, and he is the sound technician for the singing group The Dorels,   featuring his wife, Toni, as one of the lead singers.

“I call my class the ‘ultra beginners for men with two left feet,’ but I’ve taught quite a few who have gone on to regular beginners, intermediate and even the advanced classes,” he said.

Over the years, he’s even had two couples get married after meeting in the class.

Booker emphasizes, though, that the class is targeted for men, and women join in if there’s room.

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