Villager Backstory: Villager Backstory

You may know Jerry Leinsing for his work as a course developer, manual writer and trainer for the Village Woodworker’s Club CNC machine, but what you might not know is he traveled the country in an RV with his partner.

Jerry Leinsing is well-known around The Villages Woodworkers Club due to his interest in learning its different machines and manuals and explaining them to others. But he has had plenty of other passions in his life.

Before retiring to Florida’s Friendliest Hometown, he and his partner, Madeleine, traveled the country in an RV.

“In about 2012, we bought an RV with the truck in front,” he said. “We did some touring up in Canada. We did some touring North and South to visit the kids. We’d stay for a few days... We went up and down the Eastern Seaboard.”

Of all the places he’s been, though, Leinsing said nothing could compete with the beauty of his home in New England.

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