Villager Backstory: Mark Newhouse

You may know Mark Newhouse for his role in writers groups in The Villages and awards he’s won, but what you may not know is that his parents survived a Nazi concentration camp.

Two years and one day after his mother was liberated from the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz, Mark Newhouse was born in Germany.

“My parents, miraculously, were among the 5,000 that survived the Łódź Ghetto where they lost most of their families and I lost my grandparents,” Newhouse said. “I was actually born at a displaced persons camp, and that’s where we lived before we came to the U.S. (in 1948) with absolutely nothing.”

Newhouse said his parents were “both very hard workers and did what they could to strive for success.” His father became a ragman in New York City while his mother, who was 5 feet tall, “very petite and spoke no English” ended up owning her own travel agency in the city.

It was their stories, which they so rarely spoke of, that inspired Newhouse, a writer and educator by nature, to craft a series about the ghetto and the experiences of his family and their friends and neighbors.

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