Villager backstory: Joan Suelter

You may know Joan Suelter as commander of the largest American Legion post — American Legion Post 347 in Lady Lake — but what you may not know is that she lived in Egypt for three years and worked as an accountant.

It is hard to imagine American Legion Post 347’s commander — someone outspoken about recognizing veterans and representing thousands of those who served in the U.S. armed forces — as an introverted identical twin growing up in Long Island, New York. However, that is exactly how Joan Suelter described herself when asked what it was like growing up in the tight-knit family of five.

Suelter, of the Village of Gilchrist, said she wanted to form her own identity and prove to herself and others that she was capable of making her own life. A military recruiter visited her school, and Suelter said the woman inspired her to join the Navy like her father, who served in World War II.

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