Villager Backstory: Dan Comins

You may know Dan Comins as someone who plays saxophone around The Villages, but what you may not know is he’s been in the medical field all his life, working with trauma surgeons on implants and the latest surgical devices.

If you’ve ever met Dan Comins, chances are you’ve probably seen him with saxophone.

“I feel like I’ve become so known for the sax that I sometimes carry my sax case wherever I go,” the Village Santo Domingo resident said. “The sax has, in a way, become a part of me.”

Comins developed his love for music at a young age while living in upstate New York. In the 1960s, he led three bands specializing in rock, blues and R&B. He was a familiar face on the nightclub scene in and around Utica and Rome.

“I had a booking agent, I was union, and I enjoyed it,” he said. “But I also realized that spending my life living in a suitcase was not my thing. So I opted to seek a more stable profession.”

That profession was the medical field, where he got his start working at his brother’s pharmacy, which was one of the first in the nation to offer drive-thru services. Over time, he turned to sales and marketing.

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