Villager awaits daughter’s big screen visit

Tanya Christiansen plays Mallory in the movie “First Lady.” She will visit Old Mill Playhouse on Feb. 15.

Melinda Hodge remembers watching her daughter, Tanya Christiansen, doing plays in the backyard with neighbors when she was a kid and later in community theater performances.

Now, Hodge watches her daughter on the big screen.

Christiansen has had roles in movies like “God Where Are You?” and “The Hate U Give.” And she is one of the stars of the upcoming romantic comedy and modern fairy tale “First Lady,” which premieres Feb. 14 at the Old Mill Playhouse and other select theaters all over the United States.

In “First Lady,” Kate, played by Nancy Stafford, is not married to the president but decides to run for the office of First Lady. Instead, she ends up getting a better proposal than she ever expected.

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