Villager aces same hole exactly one week apart

Stuart Olsen, of the Village of Gilchrist, recently scored two holes-in-one, the first on Jan. 20 and the second on Jan. 27, on the sixth fairway of the Tequesta course at Belle Glade Country Club.

When Stuart Olsen aced the sixth hole of Belle Glade Country Club’s Tequesta nine on Jan. 20, he didn’t bother reporting it to anyone back at the golf shop.

When it happened again seven days later, he was given no choice.

“One of the guys I was playing with tells me, ‘You’re going into the clubhouse and you’re going to post it. Either you do it or I’m going to do it for you,’” recalled the Village of Gilchrist resident. “So he kind of dragged me in.”

These were no mere carbon-copy holes-in-one, if there is such a thing. Or maybe they were — nearly exact replicas of each other.

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