Tips from your neighborhood: Villager enjoys Beach Tennis Club

Pam Heinmets, of the Village of Pine Ridge, hits the ball while playing sand tennis at the Chula Vista Recreation Center on Saturday.

One of the positives about living in The Villages is the large number of activities available, not only for the highly competitive athlete but also for those looking for a less strenuous workout. There are typically a number of groups to choose from within each activity, so odds are high you can find the best fit for you. And if you can’t find a group to join, you can always start a new group yourself, as unfortunately, many of the current clubs already are at their maximum number.

While the Our Gang Beach Tennis club is one of those groups that is currently closed to new members, they would be a good model for another club. The members are diverse in age and ability, with an even mix of male and female players. The group is committed to having fun.

“These are really nice people,” said Pam Heinmets, of the Village of Pine Ridge. “We like to have fun, but we also like to win, although no one gets too competitive.”

Our Gang plays three times a week at Chula Vista Recreation Center. On a recent morning, laughter mixed with occasional teasing remarks were volleyed as often as the ball, but no one raised their voice or got upset over a missed shot. 

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