Computers can be hard to use for people who aren’t used to them, but residents have access to several resources to make learning technology easier. Through clubs and the Enrichment Academy, residents are teaching their friends and neighbors to be comfortable using their machines.

About 10 years ago, Ronnie Hamilton had a brand new iPad she couldn’t use.

“The only thing I knew how to do was turn it on,” Hamilton said.

To learn more about how to use her new device, the Village of Calumet Grove resident turned to her friends, neighbors and the larger tech community in The Villages for assistance. She found an incredibly large, supportive community of people at all different levels of expertise.

Residents have developed ways to help themselves and their neighbors learn how to use technology, including clubs and classes at The Enrichment Academy. The peer-to-peer support helps people organize their lives, meet friends and connect in a community where everyone, at one point, was a newcomer.

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