Supporters cheer for team Biden

Amid a sea of red, white and blue, Patricia Story, of the Village Del Mar, participates in a Ridin’ With Biden Cheer Challenge.

One day after Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Brownwood, Joe Biden supporters gathered for a Ridin‘ With Biden Cheer Challenge rally  at Brownwood Paddock Square on Sunday morning. Approximately 80 supporters of the former vice president attended the event. It was the latest in local political rallies and caravans  hosted by Democrats and Republicans in support of their candidates. Paula Orlando, of the Village of Mallory Square, organized the event and said the challenge was designed to engage all Americans in a safe place by posting videos on social media. Regarding the pandemic, she said, “We can’t do anything else. This is a safe way to show support.” Holding a Ruth Bader Ginsberg doll and a multicolored sign listing several current social issues, Ellen Friedman, of the Village of Piedmont, noted that, “I think that [Donald Trump] is doing injustice to the Constitution,” and added, “I’m against anything he stands for.”

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