Sumter County residents turning out for early voting

Sumter leads the way in early voting in the tri-county area.  Early voting in all three counties continues through Saturday.

About 20% of Sumter County residents have taken advantage of opportunities to cast their ballots early for the 2022 primary election through Monday.

On Monday, 1,973 residents voted in person at early voting locations and 1,202 mail-in ballots were counted.

The weather on Monday helped the turnout, said Bill Keen, Sumter County supervisor of elections.

“It is looking real strong today,” he said. “I think the turnout was a little lower than expected over the weekend. But of course we had some rain, and once it starts raining, nobody wants to go out to do anything, voting included.”

In total, 22,898 of the 115,674 registered voters (19.8%) already have voted in the primary in Sumter.

The majority of votes cast thus far have been 18,072 mail-in ballots.

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