Seeking sense of normalcy in these very uncertain times

Residents from the Village Hacienda walk the loop from Barcelona Drive to Corona Avenue to wave and chat with their neighbors from a CDC-recommended social distance.

If you’re wondering how to adapt to life in the age of the coronavirus, look to Corona Avenue. Marie Hill and her neighbors are still determined to live a healthy, active lifestyle, but now they stay at least 6 feet away from each other when they stroll around the neighborhood for exercise. The street signs make a handy reminder to do so. Hill, of the Village Hacienda, and her neighbors are also practicing another form of social distancing. Some days at around 6 in the evening, members of the neighborhood sit at the edge of their driveways in lawn chairs to talk with each other. Hill has been in voluntary quarantine since returning from a cruise with The Villages R&B Line Dancers Group on March 8.  “I believe that Villagers should pay attention to the updates from the CDC,” Hill said. “Stay home and even in my own home I’m extremely cautious. Also, please check on your elderly neighbors, it can be hard for them.”

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