Round we go

Four roundabouts debuted on the same day along Megglson Road connecting State road 44 to warm Springs Avenue in late December 2020.

When it comes to traffic flow that is safer, faster and cheaper, it's hip to be round.

The Villages is home to 45 roundabouts, touted by engineers as smart replacements to accident-plagued stop-sign intersections or congested traffic signal intersections. While European drivers in places like France are 25 times more likely to curve through a traffic circle than those in America, roundabouts now are popping up across the U.S. But The Villages was ahead of its time when it installed its first traffic roundabout in 1996.

"The Villages was really on the forefront of their implementation," said Amber Gartner, a professional engineer with Kimley-Horn, an urban planner used by The Villages.

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