Resident extends mark, plays 81 holes in one day

Cion Hueske, of the Village of Gilchrist, tees off on hole one of the Mangrove Executive Course earlier this month.

It was 7:12 p.m. when Cion Hueske walked off the ninth hole at Sweetgum executive golf course two Saturdays ago.

It was her 72nd hole of the day — a trek of 12 hours, one minute since she first teed off at Bonita Pass. And she was behind.

For the Village of Gilchrist resident, 72 holes is old news. She did that last month. Hueske set out that morning to raise the bar, though the setting sun clearly had become a hindrance to her goal — 10 courses, 90 holes.

But nine courses still would be more than last time, so she hustled up the path toward Mangrove’s first tee.

“I know they call me crazy,” Hueske said, stopping at her golf cart to retrieve the glove left behind on her previous nine. “But I always want to do more.”

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