Resident creates colorful floral arrangements with paints

Judy Kimmel sits in her art studio in her home in the Village of Pennecamp. Kimmel, who paints with watercolors, is The Villages Art League's artist of the month for September.

While living up north, Judy Kimmel loved to buy watercolor paintings of snow scenes.

Since coming to the warmer climate of Florida, Kimmel has all but gotten rid of those winter paintings. She now is painting her own works, focusing more on the warmth of colorful flowers.

“You can do so many textures and so many different things with watercolors,” Kimmel said. “You never know what you’re going to get.”

The Villages Art League has chosen Kimmel as its artist of the month for September.

“It’s an honor to be picked,” said Kimmel, of the Village of Pennecamp. “I was surprised when they had called.”

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