Pets brings residents together

Jennie Brisach, of Steeplechase, left, holds her cat, Persia, while Carol Quakenbush, also of Steeplechase holds her dog Pogo. The pair of pets are friendly and often visit along with their owners at the retirement residence.

Pogo’s and Persia’s friendship flouts the rule that dogs and cats can’t be friends. In fact, in the year they’ve known each other, they’ve become best friends.

Pogo, a 10-year-old, 5-pound Pomeranian, and Persia, a 6-year-old tiger cat, live at Steeplechase retirement residence and relish the times when they’re lucky enough to visit one another.​

“(Pets are) a great way for residents to meet each other and be social,” said Cindy Cruz, activities coordinator.​

When Pogo lived just across the hall — Pogo now lives one floor upstairs — Persia would reach her paw under Pogo’s door to get her attention through the door.

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