Patriot Service Dog program takes dogs from puppy to partner

Denise and Gary Style, of the Village of Virginia Trace and volunteers with Patriot Service Dogs, hold Shenandoah, a 4-month-old red Labrador retriever that they will be raising for the organization.

Outside Denise and Gary Style’s yard, a small red Labrador retriever searched through their well-kept lawn for pieces of mulch to chew on. 

Just happy to be there, the puppy, who answered to the name Shenandoah, had not even been with the couple for 30 minutes.

Shenandoah came to Denise and Gary, of the Village of Virginia Trace, as part of the Patriot Service Dog program, “a nonprofit organization dedicated to pairing well-trained service dogs with veterans, free of charge,” according to its website. The program, which was organized in 2009 by founder and CEO Julie Sanderson, has since produced more than 50 service dogs for veterans in need.

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