New resident band forms quickly

Drummer Bruce Milligan, from left, guitarist/vocalist Denis Milonas, and bassist Ron Patrizio run through a song during Reboot's rehearsal held Aug. 24 at Milonas' home in the Village of Hammock at Fenney. Reboot plays a mixture of everything from Tom Petty to Wilson Pickett.

Denis Milonas wanted to keep his musical chops going after moving to The Villages.

Back up north, Milonas spent about five years finding the right people for his band. He didn't have to wait long to get a group up and running down here.

After moving here in March, he took his guitar out on the driveway in the Village of Hammock at Fenney one day and started playing and singing with his wife and sister listening. One couple walked by and asked how long he was going to be playing. They ran off and came back with an audience of 12.

"I thought, maybe this is something," Milonas said.Bruce Milligan later met Milonas at a pool party where Milligan learned the group, Milonas would later call Reboot, was looking for a new drummer. It turned out Milligan was between groups at the time, so he stepped in with his drum set to play at a neighborhood driveway party with Milonas and lead guitarist Rick Hannah.

"We were just winging it," said Milligan, of the Village of Hammock at Fenney.

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