Keeping watch

CERT members take part in fire extinguisher training in October 2018 at Bacall Recreation Center.

It’s still a story that resonates well these days. Community Watch Patrol Driver D.J. Haldeman drove past a home with the garage door open.  His training required he made sure the garage was empty and then notify his dispatch of the open door. Dispatch, in turn, calls the home to alert occupants of the open door. That ringing of the phone caught the attention of Barney Moore, who also found his son-in-law, Joe Solitis, inside, in the midst of a heart attack. That simple neighborhood check led to a sequence of events that got Solitis the help he needed.  More than 600 Villagers either work for Community Watch or volunteer with groups like the Community Emergency Response Team of The Villages or local law enforcement agencies, supplementing local first responders and providing an added security blanket around The Villages.

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