For this Villager, finding and buying his car was a process

Corky Eck, of the Village of Sunset Pointe, stands next to his 1957 Chevy Bel Air at The Villages Polo Club. Eck wrote to the previous owner about how he had dreamed of owning a ‘57 Bel Air and how loved the car would be if he owned it.

Not many people can say they went through two interviews before buying a car, but Corky Eck can. Eck, of the Village of Sunset Pointe, bought his 1957 Chevy Bel Air two and a half years ago after in-depth conversations and letters with the seller. 

Eck’s Bel Air originally belonged to John Staluppi, the owner of the Cars of Dreams private collection museum in Palm Beach County, Florida.

“He sold the Bel Air to a friend who unfortunately had to sell it himself not too long after,” Eck said. “I learned the car was for sale and went to meet him.”

The owner, John Weiss, and his wife interviewed Eck twice. Eck bonded with the woman over previously living in Ohio.

“I was not bothered by the process at all,” Eck said. “I understood what he was doing: he wanted to make sure the car went to the right person.”

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