Fond farewell, friendly hello for couple

Lou and Patti Card, of the Village of Chitty Chatty, raise a toast at their final party in their Village of Duval home. The couple welcomed Craig and Heidi Ambler as the new homeowners and made their transition into the neighborhood as smooth as possible.

Lou and Patti Card were excited to move into their new home in the Village of Chitty Chatty. The one thing they were sad to leave behind was their group of wonderful neighbors.

The Cards sold their house in the Village of Duval to Craig and Heidi Ambler. The two couples emailed and called back and fourth multiple times over the course of a few months while they traded ownership.

Lou and Patti often held neighborhood parties during the 10 years of living in Duval.

As a way to pass the torch of the home, Lou and Patti invited Craig and Heidi to their final party before moving.

“We had a lot of fun in that neighborhood and we wanted them to have the same fun experiences,” Lou said. “Introducing yourself to new neighbors can be hard because you can be nervous, so we wanted to do that with them.” 

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