Drums and exercise mix on the Square

Jan Head, left, of the Village of Lynnhaven, Kaye Severt, center, of the Village of Osceola Hills, and Anna Cruz, of the Village of Collier, participate in Cardio Drumming on Tuesday at Lake Sumter Landing.

Last year, Anita Franklin showed up to Cardio Drumming on the Square with just her wooden salad spoons. But she drummed so enthusiastically that one of them broke. This year, Franklin was more prepared. She showed up for Tuesday’s event with her core ball, a bucket and drumsticks. “I really wanted to do it with the equipment,” the Village of Duval resident said. “This year I’m a professional.” About 400 people gathered Tuesday at Lake Sumter Landing Market Square as instructor Cindy Duncan led Cardio Drumming. The event was sponsored by The Villages Recreation and Parks Department. First, Duncan gave some advice to those new to the activity. “Your heart rate is going to go up,” she said. “You might sweat a little. The weather

is perfect for this. Go at your own pace.”


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