Driveway concerts pop up across Villages

The Skipper, of the Village of Ashland, joins Billie Thatcher, of the Village of Springdale, and her friend, Kevin O’Connell, of the Village De La Vista, Monday to perform for about 50 neighbors.

Local entertainers have found a way to bring back the joy of in-person live music while following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. Amid canceled entertainment and social gatherings, people are venturing out to driveways to hold concerts in a fun and safe way. “We’re social people who can’t socialize, so we’re trying to find alternative ways to socialize that are safe,” said Donna Francis, of the Village of Charlotte. “This way we can still blast our music to a small area and people can dance or sit 6 feet apart on their lawns.” Francis thought it would be a good idea to try it in her Village after seeing other people host driveway concerts. “I think people are just itching to be entertained, and we entertainers are itching to entertain,” she said. After making sure it was OK with her neighbors, Francis sent out fliers around the street to let people know that she and her husband would do a driveway concert if people wanted to come out and listen, as long as they stayed 6 feet apart.

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