Course explains, interprets U.S. Constitution

Jim Lucas, of the Institute of American Studies, is hosting a class on the U.S. Constitution that will take students a deep dive on the historic document and the Founding Fathers. The course is available for students to sign up at

Even something as foundational as the United States Constitution has many facets of its history that many have yet to learn. The Enrichment Academy provides the opportunity to learn more from professional visiting instructor Jim Lucas. Lucas will teach his course “The U.S. Constitution” from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday at Lake Miona Regional Recreation Complex. The four-day course is broken up into four presentation by Lucas, who speak on multiple aspects of the constitution from its original inception to the amendments.

Lucas is the founding president of the Institute of American Studies, an educational foundation that seeks to inform those about the constitution in Tennessee.

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