Couple became go-to neighbors in the Village of Fenney's early days

Debbie and Joe Langmeyer, of the Village of St. Catherine, walk along the boardwalk at Fenney Nature Trail.

Joe and Debbie Langmeyer unintentionally became a sort of welcoming committee for new Village of Fenney residents as some of the first people to move into the brand new village in 2017. 

That role helped them develop lasting friendships. 

“We played bocce with everybody and I play golf with the same group of guys from when we first moved,” Joe said. “We also have dinner with the same half-dozen or so couples who all moved in at the same time.”

Residents moving into Fenney, the first village to open south of State Road 44, marked the start of the new chapter of growth for the community five years ago. 

Fenney Regional Recreation Complex opened in June that same year alongside restaurant Fenney Grill. Additional golf courses, recreation areas, Everglades Regional Recreation Complex, Hogeye Preserve Pathway, Fenney Putt & Play, Dudley Canine Park and much more would premiere south of 44 in the years to follow, along with about 14 more Villages.

The Langmeyers said living in Fenney with no neighbors felt lonesome at first, but they came to enjoy being the go-to people for new residents. The couple had a bit of deja vu at the beginning of 2021 when they were two of the first people to move into the Village of St. Catherine.

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