Community watch is getting a better view

Jeff Cannon, of the Village of Lake Deaton, keeps an eye on the gate operations for Community Watch.

The gate attendant waving you through or the Community Watch driver patrolling your neighborhood are common sights in The Villages. But there’s a group of people behind them who keep the system running, and now they’ve got shiny new quarters.

Community Watch keeps an extra eye on the community and works with law enforcement agencies, when needed. Renovations were complete on the gate operations center and dispatch center at the Community Watch building on Bonita Boulevard earlier this month. The remodel was performed to keep pace with the growth of The Villages.

In the gate operations center, where the renovation was complete July 10, what had been six monitors for keeping an eye on all the gates is now a wall of screens, looking more like a TV control room than anything else.

“This gives us the ability to monitor an increased amount of cameras,” said Nehemiah Wolfe, division chief of The Villages Community Watch. “We’re looking on a daily basis for things like gate strikes.”

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