Club members help bring in donations

Suzie Casta, a Villages entertainment performer, donated time for a fundraiser hosted by members of The Garden Worship Center in Belleview.

As a local church grew more popular, it found it needed help to expand to hold its current congregation.

Being tied up with a current loan, church staff wasn’t sure it would be a possibility for a couple of years, but Joyce Gilette and Robin Smith knew of a way they could help raise funds for the church. Having raised funds for scholarships for students in need, they sprang into action.

Recently, they partnered with Suzie Casta, a Villages entertainment performer, and the Rev. Norman Lee Schaffer, pastor of The Garden Worship Center, a church in Belleview, to host a driveway party in the Village of Tamarind Grove to raise funds for the church’s building fund. The funds will be used to pay off the previous loan of the church and to later expand.

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