Charter school adds lessons in kindness

Isadora Roy, a third-grader at The Villages Charter Elementary School Intermediate Center, sings with her classmates during music class Monday as they learn new songs about kindness.

Kindness is helping others, several second-graders wrote. Kindness is helping someone get up when they fall down, others wrote. “Kindness is always helping my classmates. Kindness is helping my teacher,” second-grader Aryaña Navan printed neatly. Second-graders had some more good ideas that they expressed on posters they made as part of a weekly Kindness Challenge  at The Villages Charter Elementary School Intermediate Center. “Whatever we can do to help them always remember to be kind is a good thing,” Vice Principal Sandy Nielsen said. “It takes such a small amount of time to plant those seeds.” The Kindness Challenge, which she started this year, changes every week. Nielsen said she includes it in the morning announcements as well as on a bulletin board in the hallway outside the guidance office.

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