Brothers have a bond that very few competitors can match

Steve Keller, left, of the Village of Duval, and his brother, Dave Keller, of the Village of Tamarind Grove, play pickleball together at the Lake Miona Regional Recreation Center.

When Dave Keller is standing on the pickleball court with his doubles partner, Steve, he knows exactly what Steve is going to do.

That’s not just because Dave and Steve are high-level and experienced pickleball players, but because they have a bond that very few competitors can match, no matter how long they’ve played together. Dave and Steve Keller are also brothers.

“I don’t know if there’s something to the brotherly intuition,” said Steve Keller, of the Village of Duval. “I just feel more comfortable with him on the court than other folks, because I know where he is. I just kind of naturally know.”

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