Boomer loomers seeks additional help for crafting goals this season

Natalie Caumartin, left, of the Village of Amelia, and Peggy Lile, of the Village of St. James, fold a blanket Nov. 6 at the Boomer Loomers meeting at the Fish Hawk Recreation Center’s picnic pavilion.

Judy Moniz sat with a smile as she loomed a blanket Friday.

The Village of St. James resident knew the blanket would go to a good cause by bringing someone comfort.

The Boomer Loomers is a crafting group that was founded by Amy Donato in 2014. The group makes hats, blankets, scarves, mittens and other items using by using looming, knitting or crocheting techniques.

These items are then given to preemies, newborns, pediatric cancer patients and others who may be in need of a little extra love.

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