Villagers Go Out For Ghoulish Rides in Celebration of Holidays

Heading out from their home, Linda Henderson and Jay Vencevich, both of the Village of Virginia Trace, wave a sign explaining the zombie golf cart run she and others were on Monday.

Friends from a bocce group ventured out dressed for the season of ghosts and goblins to bring a little levity to the public.

On Oct. 28, the small group dressed for Halloween shambled to their golf carts to drive around the area for a zombie golf cart run.

“It’s an excuse for all of us to get together,” said Marcia Adams, of the Village Palo Alto. “It’s great to make people feel good. And we’re having fun, too.”

Some carried baby dolls decorated to resemble zombies.

“It was a blast,” Adams said. “We made so many people laugh.”

On Nov. 2, the group did another golf cart run, this time dressing up mainly in black for the Day of the Dead. About 18 people took part in the caravan.

Some of the golf carts were adorned with ghoulish delights. One had large, furry spiders attached, while another had skeletons and ghosts dangling from the roof.

As part of Linda Henderson’s Day of the Dead ensemble, she applied ornate temporary tattoos to her face.

“I am not an artist,” she said. “(Afterward) you press a wet cloth on them and they

come off.”

Henderson’s 11-year-old grandson, Trevor Rennels, was visiting from the Dallas area. Although he missed the zombie golf cart run, he was able to dress up for the Day of

the Dead excursion.

“I think it’s fun,” Rennels said. “It’s a cool experience.”

They planned to drive from Henderson’s house in the Village of Virginia Trace to Lake Sumter Landing to walk around for a bit and grab a bite to eat, then drive up to Spanish Springs Town Square for more wandering.

Adams said the people who participated in the cart runs have been staying mainly at home throughout the shutdown.

“We feel safe doing it,” said Adams’s husband, Mark.

Marcia and Henderson both enjoy planning for social events. With the coronavirus pandemic all but shutting things down, having a little fun on Halloween seemed right up their alley.

For the past couple of weeks, the friends have been procuring pieces for their costumes, which included a trip to the Goodwill store.

“That’s part of the fun,” Mark said. “We get a little carried away for Halloween.”

When the group was at one of the squares, they saw a teenager using a tablet. At the insistence of his mother, some of the zombies snuck up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. He sent the tablet into the air and took off running.

This was the group’s second year doing a zombie run, and its first honoring the Day of the Dead. Last year, about 25 people participated in the Halloween event.

“Everybody loved it so much,” Henderson said. “I enjoy seeing the joy everybody’s having.”

Marcia hopes these two costumed caravans could become annual events.

Jeanne Fillingame has been friends with Henderson for about two years.

“I’ve never done this before,” said Fillingame, of the Village of Virginia Trace. “It’s a new adventure for me.”