Patriotic programming coming to Villages movie theaters for 4th of July

Screens at The Villages Movie Theaters will be filled with patriotic content today through Sunday to help patrons celebrate Independence Day. 

The national premiere of “The Outpost,” starring Scott Eastwood and Orlando Bloom, will open today at Barnstorm Theater. Old Mill Playhouse will show the fifth-anniversary encore of the documentary “No Greater Love” and both theaters will play “National Anthem Girl.”

“We thought this could be a way to bring people together to celebrate some patriotic stories,” said Marcus Bovee, CEO of VetFlicks, the distributor bringing these films to The Villages. 

“The Outpost” is based on Jake Tapper’s novel, “The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor.” The movie, a mystery thriller that is based on true events, tells the story of U.S. soldiers banding together to battle a force of Taliban fighters at a remote outpost in Afghanistan. 

“Our interests are to honor our veterans by having patriotic offerings to support our community, and be thankful for our freedoms and liberties that our veterans have afforded us through their sacrifices,” said Deborah Mills, operations director and film booker at The Villages Movie Theaters.

“No Greater Love” is a documentary made by U.S. Army Chaplain Justin David Roberts. The documentary shares the experience of Roberts and his friends, of those who didn’t make it back home and of those who did but struggled with the intense emotional and physical conflicts brought on by the aftermath of war. 

“I think it’s an awesome opportunity,” Roberts said of his film being included in The Villages Movie Theaters’ patriotic programming. “It’s good to share this story.”

Roberts said that he hopes “No Greater Love” helps audience understand where soldiers are coming from, what happens in the battlefield and why choices are made. 

“This is my story, but it’s also about my friends, what happened on the battlefield, the sacrifices they made,” Roberts said. “It’s a chance for me to honor them.”

Roberts will introduce the film to audiences via Skype before Sunday’s 6:30 p.m. show at Old Mill Playhouse. 

“I like connecting with the audience and answering any questions they might have,” Roberts said. 

“I know there’s a strong veterans community in The Villages, and it’s great when we can connect intergenerationally.” 

“National Anthem Girl” is a documentary that follows Janine Stange’s two-year journey of singing the national anthem in all 50 states. 

“What I learned from that journey is that we are all different, and yet we all live on the same piece of land called America,” Stange said. “But we have more in common than we do differences.”

Stange said her gratitude is for the people who fought for this country.

She also said that it’s an honor to have her documentary shown in The Villages, since it has a large veteran population. 

“This showcases all the veterans I met along the way,” she said of her documentary.

Stange will also introduce her film via Skype before the 7 p.m. show today at Old Mill Playhouse and before the 7 p.m. show Saturday at Barnstorm. 

All movies are $5, and showtimes can be found on