Neighbors organize golf cart parade for friend

Santo Domingo residents rally with their golf carts Aug. 27, outside Freedom Pointe to send their friend Sam Bolus a get-well message.

Three dogs, 11 golf carts and 22 people set out to improve the spirits of their injured friend and neighbor last week.

Mary Latta, of the Village Santo Domingo, and her neighbors organized a golf-cart parade to raise the spirits of their friend, Sam Bolus, who fell off a ladder and hurt himself a few weeks ago.

“We’re a very close knit little division here,” Latta said. “Sam is a good samaritan of our group. He’s always the first one at your door to help. When I was quarantined, many neighbors left food on my door, but Sam and Sophie checked daily. He’s our go-to person.”

The group planned to drive by Freedom Pointe, where Bolus is staying for rehabilitation therapy, and wave to him through his first-floor window on Thursday. Because there wasn’t space for the golf carts, however, they ended up walking to his window with posters and signs for him to show how much they care.

“It was a wonderful idea,” said Sophie Bolus, his wife. “We appreciated everything they did.”

Bolus spoke on the phone with his wife outside the window and was able to talk to all of his friends and neighbors this way.

“He’s just a good guy,” said Melody Searles, of the Village Santo Domingo. “We miss him around the neighborhood.”

Bolus and his neighborhood are clearly missing each other, but it’s the dogs he would walk for his friends that are really struggling with him gone.

“Sam is the dog whisperer. He would walk my dog twice a day,” Latta said, “and stop and chat with neighbors on the way. He always has a smile on his face and joy in his heart.”

Bolus said her husband will need “to walk very well before they send him home.”

“He’s really active,” Bolus said. “That’s why the whole neighborhood knows what he’s doing and appreciates what he’s doing.”

Latta said the neighborhood is fortunate to have him and can’t wait for him to get better.

“We’re hoping that this gave him a little umph,” she said, “and that we instilled in him how much we love him and miss him.”