The six counties that posted the highest voter turnout in Florida’s Aug. 28 primary election are different in many ways, but the people who live there all share a passion for small-town, slow-lane living, far from city centers. And they still know and care about their neighbors. Sumter Count…

An estimated 7 million people (1 million Americans) were conceived with in vitro fertilization, a once-controversial procedure that has gone mainstream since its beginning 40 years ago.  

The latest of three town squares marked its 5th anniversary. Here's a look back at its creation and how it contributes to The Villages lifestyle.

Two local athletes committed to excellence, but forced to overcome some of life's greatest challenges before returning to that competitive fire. Their stories but other ageless athletes in this special report.

This special report looks at how the senior market is pushing and benefiting from the enhanced safety features of new vehicles, but it also captures how The Villages is truly a classic car community - so strong that it supports a monthly car show for 20 years.

Yes, there's lions, tigers and bears, but there's also alligators, venomous snakes from around the globe and more - and they're all right here in Florida. We take you on a tour around the Sunshine State to tell you how deeply connected the state is to wild things and the varying reasons thos…

You want to help and you feel compelled to donate - but do you know where your money actually goes when you do help a charity?  This special report gives advice and reveals how money is spent with some of the area's most popular charitable causes.

Toss out the misconception that seniors are on fixed income and tight with their money. Instead, behold the power of senior spending. This comprehensive report shows how the mature population is driving our economy, aiding business and government, to make our community awesome.

Bees, butterflies and the like are slowly vanishing. Without these critical pollinators, our food supplies are in jeopardy. But locally and nationally, there's efforts to try to turn the tide and save our pollinators.

The state's rich history revolves around the Florida Cowboy and its cattle industry. While shrinking in numbers, our "cowboys" are not lost. Let us take you on a cattle drive, to one of the largest ranching operations and more.

During Women's History Month, Daily Sun veteran writer Patricia Steele and photojournalist Amy J. Correnti connect with 10 women making a difference in our communities, as well as looking back at past generations that are providing inspiration and insight.

In the past 29 months, 264 dogs have died for a dying industry. Greyhound racing in Florida has been both a cash cow and a canine killer since betting on it was legalized in the 1930s. But popularity and profits are dwindling nationwide. Pro-racing advocates are fighting to save the industry…