Tai Chi kicks off events on the Square

A group of about 100 turned out Tuesday for Tai Chi on the Square at Lake Sumter Landing.

Patrick Miller knew he and his wife were walking in the right direction when they heard the sound of pan flutes. With Zen music playing in the background, Sandy Laing led a group of about 100 in Tai Chi on the Square on Tuesday at Lake Sumter Landing Market Square. Laing taught tai chi through the use of everyday movements people could relate to, including holding a baby with a dirty diaper and washing windows. “I always offer some easier alternatives because there are always new people,” Laing said. It wasn’t Patrick and Jackie Miller’s first time practicing the martial art, but it was their first time doing it outdoors in The Villages. The couple is closing on their house in the Village of Liberty Park at the end of the month and thought they’d check it out.

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