Sharon lobby overflows with talent at ‘Don’t Tell Nonnie

Marcella Richardson, of Oxford, sings during the first “Don’t Tell Nonnie” open mic event of the 2019-20 entertainment season at The Sharon L. Morse Preforming Arts Center.

Moving around the lobby of The Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center in her usual theatrical fashion, Whitney Morse sang “Don’t Tell Mama,” as she affably patted people’s heads, danced among the sold-out crowd and perched on furniture armrests Monday night.

The first “Don’t Tell Nonnie” of the 2019-20 entertainment season had officially commenced.

“It has been a long time since I’ve seen your faces,” Morse said, after finishing her song. “I have not hosted a ‘Don’t Tell Nonnie’ in about eight months. But hello, my friends!”

Morse quickly explained the background of the open-mic event for the newcomers present in the room. The show is inspired by one of Morse’s favorite piano bars in New York, “Don’t Tell Mama,” and is in honor of her late grandmother, Sharon Morse, who she and her cousins called “Nonnie.”

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