School back in session in tri-county area

A’niyah Pitts, from left, 7, walks to the cafeteria with Shiloh Rivers, 7, Arnetha Swan and Emmanuel Rivers, 5.

Shiloh Rivers held on tightly to her Princess Jasmine backpack that read “Trust Your Heart.” Surrounded by a crowd of students and parents, the 7-year-old walked to her second-grade class with her mother and younger brother on the first day of school at Wildwood Elementary School. Schools in the tri-county area opened their doors Monday for the first day of the 2019-20 school year. Shiloh’s mother, Arnetha Swan, said she is looking forward to her children learning more, making new friends and maturing this year. Swan, of Wildwood, also expressed her enthusiasm to get involved with their education. “I’m excited to help them with their homework,” she said. “It’s a bonding tool, and I missed doing that over the summer.”

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