Sailing from the shore

John Goldsworthy, of the Village of Mallory Square, maneuvers his boat around a buoy in Ashland Pond.

Members of the RC Model Yachts Micro Magic Club don’t need to be inside a yacht to be sailors.

Rather, they can stay seated on land — a radio controller in their hands — and rely on their fingers, and wind, to help take the boats where they need to go.

The Micro Magic Racing Fleet meets from 10 a.m. to noon Mondays and Fridays at the pond behind the Ashland Pool on Lynnhaven Lane at Ellison Place, using the pond to race Micro Magic radio-controlled yachts around buoys stationed in the water. During competition, participants utilize radio controllers to steer the yachts and adjust the sails.

“It’s fantastic,” said John Goldsworthy, who used to race actual sailboats. “The only difference is you’re not sitting there with a tiller in your hands — you’re back here with a radio control.”

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