Parents show pride with school service

VHS parent Deborah Fraser wheels a sound board into position as the band prepares to perform.

Parents of students at The Villages Charter School do more than their fair share of being involved at the school. With 81,446 Parental Involvement (PI) hours last school year, parents spent nearly 30,000 more hours than they had to helping the school. Although they are required to volunteer to maintain their children’s enrollment, parents went way above the minimum requirement, which was 51,773 hours. “I look at it like it’s something that I’m privileged to do, not something that I’m forced to do,” said Esi Cosenza, president of Buffalo PRIDE (Partners Responsible in Developing Education), the parent organization at the school. While parents must work in The Villages for their children to attend TVCS, it also is a requirement for parents to volunteer.

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