Parents and students clean up charter school

Kindergartener Elliot Russo wipes the computer desk along side his mother Cassie Russo  in the library as the Buffalo PRIDE hosted their "Stewardship Saturday" campus clean up on Saturday  at the Villages High School.

With each spray of disinfectant and each stroke of a duster, The Villages Charter School was on its way to spotless.

Parents and teachers did their part to help during Buffalo PRIDE’s Stewardship Saturday event.

For about three hours Saturday morning, they wiped down computer keyboards and bookshelves, swept floors and washed windows and baseboards.

Keeping the school clean is a way for students and their parents to take pride in their school, said Erin Natalino, secretary of Buffalo PRIDE.

“It’s in the community we all work in,” she said. “We’re very proud.”

Buffalo PRIDE, the school’s parent involvement group, organized the event. Participating was a way for parents to earn their required parent involvement hours.

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