New families

The Moore family, made up of Ethan, 9, from left, Brielle, 8; Celeste, 6; Nicole; Faith, 5; Rich; Dimitri, 12; and Fischer, 11, gather at their home in Bushnell.

Several years ago, Nicole Moore had a dream that she had three little girls. Now, that dream is reality. On Oct. 8., Nicole and husband, Rich, adopted three girls — Faith, 5; Celeste, 6; Brielle, 8 — and one boy, Fischer, 11. At the time of the dream, the Moores had two boys, Dimitri and Ethan. “Once that final approval came through, I was screaming and laughing and crying,” Nicole said. “The children had been living with us for three months, but this final step in the courts meant they were ours.”

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